“Buy Sell” indicator is simple yet powerful trading signals that will help you consistently profit from US stock and FOREX markets. It's built with high probability of win and risk management in mind, meaning average winning trade will be more than average losing trade several times.


To use our indicator go to and pick your symbol, select Market Add-ons, add indicator Buy Sell from Synergy trading and subscribe monthly or yearly.

You may choose settings that suit your trading style.
Show Trend - highlights uptrend and downtrend with high RSI marked as dark green and low RSI as dark red color bars.
All Signals - show all potential Buy and Sell signals.
Show Support and Resistance - draws S&R levels so you don't need to do it manually.

Please take look at Synergy Trading indicators add-on in Trading View website to use our trading system.




Suggested strategy is to Buy or go Long at Support level 2 or 3 (blue lines) and Sell or Short at Resistance level 2 or 3 (red lines). Green lines also are support and resistance but not so importance like blue and red. You may look at stocks that has price around Support and Resistance levels on daily chart and then spot for the Buy or Sell signals at hourly and 10 minutes chart to make your entry more precise and timely. 
By default system will filter best signal for you so you don't need to look at S&R, trend and all signals.


Money Management

We suggest you to put Stop Loss 1 daily ATR (average true range) far from Support or Resistance level that near your trade and Take Profit 2 ATR far. You may also take partial profit 1 ATR far from Support or Resistance and move Stop Loss to break even point, your entry point. We provide this indicator free of charge when you subscribe to Buy Sell indicator. 
More Detailed information you can find in our Free eBook after signing up.