Trading Guide | Stock Market for Beginners

Our indicators are simple yet powerful trading signals that will help you consistently profit from US stocks, FOREX and Cryptocurrency markets. So it built with a high probability of win and risk management in mind. Its meaning average winning trade will be more than average losing trade several times.

To use our indicator (following downloadable links were highlighted):

  1. Go to TradingView.com, sign up if you don’t have a user name, and go the menu and chart
  2. Go to the Membership section of our website and sign up for the desired indicator, wait 1-3 business day to be added.
  3. On TradingView.com chart choose your ticker/symbol for analysis, and Add indicator -> Invite-Only -> and choose our indicator
  4. Go to Money Management indicator, mark as your Favourite Script and add it to your chart from Add indicator -> Favourites menu, make sure to uncheck all settings in the Styles tab in the indicator’s settings to see all indicator values.
  5. Choose your own options to suit your trading style as described in our free eBook. Make sure to double-check with support and resistance levels before placing the trade.
  6. Enter the trade https://www.tradingview.com/chart/FB/uYcmyEyL-How-to-enter-the-trade/

Buy-Sell v6 Indicator

You may choose settings that suit your trading style.
Trend – highlights uptrend and downtrend with high RSI marked as dark green and low RSI as dark red colour bars.
Support / Resistance – visualizes Support and Resistance lines, best bargain points
EMA – shows EMA 10, 20, 50, 200 for swing and 6, 18, 50 for intraday

Partial Exit – shows partial exit signals to lock the profit, otherwise your it will be your stop loss point 

Break Out – shows Break out strategy indicator

Bounce – show Bounce strategy indicator

Divergence Indicator

1- Filter by Extremes – only shows the highest probability entries

2- Filter by Consolidation – increases the probability by choosing the only action after price action consolidation

3- Filter by Simple Moving Average – only shows signals in the desired trend, value of the Simple Moving Average can be configured

Money Management

We suggest you to put Stop Loss 1 daily ATR (Average True Range) far from Support or Resistance level that near your trade and Take Profit 2 ATR far. You may also take partial profit 1 ATR far from Support or Resistance and move Stop Loss to break-even point, your entry point. We provide this indicator free of charge when you subscribe to Buy Sell indicator. 

More detailed information you can find in our Free eBook after signing up.