Technical Analysis Simplified

You found that share or tickers that you want to invest or trade?

Not sure about timing ? Our indicator will help you with this task.

It simply shows you highest probability time slots in real time.

We spent 5 years on continuous development of our proprietary script and currently our indicators works on platform. Your can register username at no charge and add our indicators on TradingView after subscribing to the membership on our website.

Currently we offer 2 indicators: Buy Sell v6 and Divergence

Buy Sell v6 Indicator

Main functions:

  1. Automatically determines : trend, support and resistance levels, coloring Relative Strength Index for easier analysis
  2. Suggest best possible entries and exits based on strategies
  3. Works with 3 different strategies: Buy/Cover at Support(blue triangle up) and Sell/Short at resistance (blue triangle down), Breakout from consolidation (orange), Bounce from strong support/resistance (green).

Divergence Indicator

Main functions:

  1. Automatically determines all types of Divergences and suggest best Entries for Long and Short.
  2. Filter by Extreme price movement
  3. Filter by price action Consolidation

Divergence is when market price disagrees indicators action. There are three types of divergence: regular, hidden and exaggerated.
Regular divergence is the best known type of divergence. It is trend reversal divergence. We must view to the peaks of price and indicators. The regular divergence is, when price makes high, higher high, but indicator shows high after that lower high for short signal. For buy signal price makes low and after that lower low, but indicator shows low and higher low.
Hidden divergence is a trend following divergence. Like a regular divergence it can show for sell or buy signal. Hidden divergence occurs, when the price  makes  high, after that lower high  but indicator shows high and higher high for short signal. For buy signal price makes low and higher low, but indicator shows low and lower low.
Exaggerated divergence is similar to regular divergence. The difference from regular is, that price makes two tops or two bottoms. The first top or bottom on price is similar to second top or bottom, but indicator shows these tops very different first to second. Exaggerated divergence very often is a counter trend divergence, but it also can be a trend following divergence. For example when market is a bull market, price can do low, similar low, but indicator shows low and much higher low.


Backtesting using TradingView strategy tester. We use strong fundamental stocks watchlist that screened using our criteria.

Here you can fine link to download backtest results in Excel format for part of our watchlist:

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